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Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania

Useful Links

National institutions and organizations

President of the Republic of Lithuania www.president.lt
Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania www.lrs.lt
Government of the Republic of Lithuania www.lrv.lt

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania www.lrkt.lt
The Supreme Court of the Republic of Lithuania www.lat.lt
The Court of Appeal of Lithuania www.apeliacinis.lt
Vilnius regional courts vat.teismas.lt/en
Kaunas regional courts kat.teismas.lt/en
Klaipėda regional courts klat.teismas.lt/en
Vilnius Regional Administrative Court vaat.teismas.lt/en
Regional Administrative Court of Regions regionu.teismai.lt/en

National Courts Administration www.teismai.lt/en/
The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania www.tm.lt
The Chief Administrative Disputes Commission www.vagk.lt
Commission on Tax Disputes www.mgk.lt
Migration Department www.migracija.lt
Competition Council www.konkuren.lt
The Central Electoral Commission www.vrk.lt
Customs of Lithuania www.cust.lt
Centre of Registers www.registrucentras.lt
The Association of Judges of the Republic of Lithuania www.lrta.lt
Prosecution Service of the Republic of Lithuania www.prokuraturos.lt
Legal Portal www.infolex.lt
E-Service Portal of Lithuanian Courts https://e.teismas.lt

International institutions and organizations

Court of Justice of the European Union curia.europa.eu
European Court of Human Rights www.echr.coe.int
International Court of Justice www.icj-cij.org
United Nations www.un.org
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights www.ohchr.org
Refugee Agency of the United Nations www.unhcr.ch
International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions www.iasaj.org
Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of European Union www.juradmin.eu
Council of Europe www.coe.int
Gateway to the European Union europa.eu
European Commission ec.europa.eu
European Parliament www.europarl.europa.eu
Council of the European Union www.consilium.europa.eu
European Ombudsman www.ombudsman.europa.eu
European Court of Auditors eca.europa.eu
Taxation and Customs Union ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs
Academy of European Law www.era.int